Perfect Pussy @ Mercury Lounge, 04.05.2014


Hot band of the moment, noise-punk outfit Perfect Pussy played a few NYC shows in April, including a sold out late show at Mercury Lounge on April 5th. With many of the band members’ parents in attendance, singer Meredith Graves demurred a bit when introducing the band, instead saying “Hi, we’re Minor Threat.”

Perfect Pussy played a blistering set, about as long as their debut record. So about 20 minutes. And while the music and energy were loud and undeniably frenetic, the vocals were drowned out for the entire set, making it seem more like a a Meredith Graves performance art piece than a proper concert.  Still, the live show is a sight to behold, as long as you don’t mind almost getting kicked in the head by amateurish stage divers/crowd surfers. (Seriously, the kids these days do not know how to crowd surf/support a crowd surfer. It could be a function of the fact that everyone only has one free hand since there’s a phone in the other, but crowd surfers just drop like bricks.)