Ex Hex / Speedy Ortiz @ Rickshaw Stop, 10.14.14


Speedy Ortiz’s 90s-inspired angular rock often draws comparisons to much missed 90s alt-rock band Helium. So it’s fitting and/or steering into the skid that Speedy Ortiz booked a tour with openers Ex Hex, the new band from Helium frontwoman Mary Timony. Continue reading

Zola Jesus / Operators @ Bimbo’s 365 Club, San Francisco, 10.08.14


Zola Jesus–stage name of singer/songwriter Nika Rosa Danilova–kicked off her Taiga tour at Bimbo’s 365 in San Francisco on October 8th, the day after the release of her fifth record. Befitting the “taiga,” or snow forest, the stage was decked out in icebergs, and frequently awash in pale blue light. Backed by drums, synths, and a brass ensemble of trombones and tube, Zola Jesus thrilled the crowd with her gothic pop and witchy style.

Newish San Jose resident Dan Boeckner’s third and latest post-Wolf Parade band, Operators, opened the night and warmed up the crowd with extremely catchy, largely guitar-less dance rock from their debut EP, EP1.