Kurt Vile @ Bowery Ballroom, 6.11.2011

kurtbowery20 Kurt Vile @ Bowery Ballroom, June 11, 2011

Philly’s Kurt Vile played New York’s Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, 6/11. Backed by his band, the Violators, Vile sold out his first headlining gig at the Bowery, and did not disappoint. Vile played nearly every song on his new record, Smoke Ring for My Halo, but that didn’t even make up half of the the hour-and-a-half set. The headlining spot really gave Vile a chance to stretch his legs and show his stuff, alternating between heavy, full-band psyche-rock numbers, solo acoustic tunes, and a few half-band songs thrown in for good measure.

Society Is My Friend
Smoke Ring For My Halo
Jesus Fever
On Tour
Overnite Religion
Peeping Tomboy
He’s Alright
Ghost Town
Freak Train
Downbound Train (Springsteen cover)
Runner Ups
Baby’s Arms
In My Time
Breathin Out
Dead Alive
Blackberry Song

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