The Silver Jews are coming back, probably

Silver Jews at Webster Hall in 2006

Silver Jews’ David Berman officially retired the band back in 2009, announcing the end of the band (as well as denouncing his lobbyist father) on the Drag City message boards. It seemed he was content to live a quiet life in Nashville. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, cohort and Pavement second drummer/original Silver Jews member Bob Nastanovich posted a picture to his Facebook page revealing that the Silver Jews were rehearsing new music.


And today, Nastanovich writes on Facebook:
Although Silver Jews are still a ways away from recreation, David has written songs and is contemplating the next step. I’d expect a recording session is more likely than live performance. Basically, as is the case with modern day Antarctica, the ice has been broken.

Silver Jews’ sixth and last record, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, came out in 2008. So it’ll be interesting to see where this goes, but fingers crossed for new Silver Jews music sometime soon…

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