Mac DeMarco @ The Independent 05.20.16


Indie rocker Mac DeMarco played a surprise show at the Independent  in San Francisco on May 20th, a day before his scheduled sold-out show at the much larger Warfield. The show was announced just a day before, and sold out in minutes.

As DeMarco and crew took the stage, the video screen displayed a “” file, which unleashed a non-stop montage of Kelsey Grammar clips, spanning the actor’s entire career, from Cheers to Frasier to singing his role as Beast in the X-Men movies. All in all, it fit right in to the rest of the show.

As with most of his shows, there was stage diving aplenty, and like the last time he played the Independent, the Pepperoni Playboy surfed to the back bar, got a drink, then scaled the balcony before trust falling into the crowd.

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