Japandroids @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, 06.07.13


Canadian rock duo Japandroids played the post-Governor’s Ball show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on a hot and rainy June evening. Continuing their marathon tour in support of last year’s Celebration Rock, the duo tore through the entire album amidst a never-ending wave of crowd-surfers, stage-divers, and fist-pumpers. If the entire crowd was psyched throughout the show, they reached a whole new level of pyschitude for closer “The House That Heaven Built.” Always an interesting mix between indie-rock kids and guitar-rockin’ meatheads, the dude-heavy crowd pumped their fists to the “oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh-OH” chorus, and they might as well have been singing “BRO-BRO-BRO-BRO, BRO-BRO-BRO-BRO!”

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