Stars / Leisure Cruise @ The Fillmore, 03.05.15


Canadian indie pop outfit Stars played a sold-out show at the Fillmore in SF, on the tail end of two-month international tour in support of their last record, No One Is Lost. Opening the show was Brooklyn snyth-pop band Leisure Cruise, whose keyboardist Dave Hodge — like Stars’ singer/guitarist Amy Millan bassist Evan Cranley — is associated with Canadian musical band/collective Broken Social Scene. The combo of bands made for a pretty cohesive night of uptempo, Canadian rock.

Stars have been at it for a long time now – it’s sort of hard to believe that No One Is Lost is their seventh record – and it shows in the tightness of their live show, as they tore through their nearly 20-song set and encore. During their set, singer Torquil Campbell remarked that the Fillmore was their absolute favorite venue to play (and lest you think “I bet he says that to all the venues…” he also tweeted it, so you KNOW it’s true!), and their affection for the venue and crowd certainly came through as well. Check out the full gallery of Leisure Cruise and Stars…

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