Kurt Vile details new record, planning on autumn release

Kurt Tile
Kurt Vile tiled

Philly psych rocker Kurt Vile talks about his new record with Rolling Stone, and while the title and release date are still TBD, a lot of other details are spilled. The album [EDIT: erroneously reported as being titled All Over the Place] was conceived/recorded/mixed in locations from Philly to LA to Athens, GA, to Joshua Tree, and the sound and mood of the record should be more varied and eclectic than on his previous records, Smoke Ring For My Halo and Wakin on a Pretty Daze. He tells RS:

“Everybody goes up and down throughout their lives,” he continues. “Smoke Ring was a downer, then Wakin was an upturn. My music has to be funny and sad and happy and loving, it’s gotta have it all. When somebody’s just too dark all the time, it’s just drama. Or if somebody’s too funny?” He pauses to correct his course. “Well, I like being too funny sometimes.”

Kurt Vile
Kurt Vile in Central Park

Also, Vile has a new handmade banjo, (which was actually the first string instrument he learned to play), and which he says helped produce some of the “ethereal, Appalachian-influenced folk songs” that appear on the record. The new record (release date still TBD), also features Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa and sound artist Farmer Dave Scher, who both appeared on Wakin.

Vile is shooting for an autumn release date for the record. Read the full RS interview here.

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