Best Coast + Lovely Bad Things played the Fillmore, 9.23.15


Out on tour in support of their excellent new record, California Nights, LA’s Best Coast returned to their beloved California for a show at The Fillmore in San Francisco on September 23. Best Coast’s last SF show was for NoisePop in February at the much smaller Bottom of the Hill, and it’d been over two years since their last Fillmore show. After an opening set by fellow Angelinos, Lovely Bad Things (whose t-shirt featuring a teenage Stephen Malkmus rivals Best Coast’s Seinfeld logo shirt for Best At Show), Bethany Cosentino, Bobb Bruno, et al took the stage for a 20-song set. It speaks to the strength of California Nights that the setlist featured so many songs from their third LP. It’s probably the first tour where their debut, Crazy For You, wasn’t the most represented record on the setlist.

While Best Coast are never going to be accused of writing complicated, virtuosic  songs, or even veering much out of a A-A-B/A-A-B rhyme scheme, it’s a testament to Cosentino and Bruno’s songwriting that they manage to churn out so many satisfying tunes while keeping the songs comfortably in their surfy-pop wheelhouse. California Nights features catchy chorus after catchy chorus, and in the case of “In My Eyes,” a particularly thumping and satisfying bridge.

Check out the gallery and setlist below…

Heaven Sent
The Only Place
Fine Without You
Crazy for You
So Unaware
California Nights
When I’m With You
Do You Love Me Like You Used To
Dreaming My Life Away
I Don’t Know How
Fade Away
Fading Fast
In My Eyes
Feeling OK
Our Deal
Sleep Won’t Ever Come
When Will I Change

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