Bad Religion at The Regency Ballroom, 04.20.15


California punk rock luminaries Bad Religion are in the midst of their Battle of the Centuries tour, playing two nights in each city, with night #1 featuring songs from the 20th century and night #2 featuring songs from the 21st century. Continue reading

GWAR @ Regency Ballroom, 11.05.14


Few bands could survive the death of their last founding member/lead singer, but GWAR is not most bands. They’ve always had a rotating lineup of musicians/Slave Pit attendants, and the show was always more important than the personnel. Still after Dave Brockie–aka”Oderus Urungus”–died earlier this year, the issue of how GWAR could carry on was a legitimate question. Continue reading

Warpaint @ Regency Ballroom, 10.27.14


LA quartet Warpaint hit San Francisco as they wind down their tour behind their second record, Warpaint, which came out early this year. A less-than-soldout Monday night crowd at the Regency made up what they lacked in number with sheer force of enthusiasm. At least one group of fans successfully delivered baked goods to the band. No reports on whether Warpaint ate the box of pastries gifted to them by fanatical, total strangers. Seeing as Warpaint subsequently had to cancel/reschedule their upcoming European dates, those baked goods are looking more and more suspicious.
Continue reading

Guided By Voices w/ Bobby Bare, Jr. @ The Regency Ballroom, 06.11.14


The indestructible Guided By Voices hit San Francisco on June 11th, in support of Cool Planet, the sixth GBV album since the “classic lineup” reformed in 2010, and the 432nd Robert Pollard-related record (give or take). A small mid-week crowd didn’t seem to faze Pollard and Co., who live like they’re on a perpetual weekend anyway. Guitarist Mitch Mitchell had perhaps the most impressive display of the evening, managing to chain smoke hands free for the entire 2-hour set. Pollard displayed his usual mix of jumps, kicks, and beer swigging , claiming “We get better, drunker, and younger as we go along.” No one in the crowd raised any arguments.