GWAR sued for allegedly stealing ashes of Oderus Urungus

Does THIS look like someone who would steal someone’s ashes?
GWAR at the Regency Ballroom in November

The surviving and current members of GWAR are being sued by the father of late co-founder/frontman Oderus Urungus– né Dave Brockie– who alleges that the group’s members stole Oderus Urungus’s cremated remains (plus guitars and artwork) after the singer died of an overdos in March 2014. Continue reading

Three Match Breeze 2014 Roundup


posted by: Greg Chow

Saw a lot of music this year. While it was a less exciting year, personally, than 2013, I saw a lot more music than ever before. Here are some thoughts on the music I saw and heard in 2014.
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GWAR @ Regency Ballroom, 11.05.14


Few bands could survive the death of their last founding member/lead singer, but GWAR is not most bands. They’ve always had a rotating lineup of musicians/Slave Pit attendants, and the show was always more important than the personnel. Still after Dave Brockie–aka”Oderus Urungus”–died earlier this year, the issue of how GWAR could carry on was a legitimate question. Continue reading