Three Match Breeze 2014 Roundup


posted by: Greg Chow

Saw a lot of music this year. While it was a less exciting year, personally, than 2013, I saw a lot more music than ever before. Here are some thoughts on the music I saw and heard in 2014.
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The 1975 @ The Masonic, 11.18.14


British rock band The 1975 hit San Francisco’s Masonic Temple on November 18th, to the delight of apparently every high school girl in the city. Some fans lined up before 9AM (on a school day!) and apparently figured their love of the Mancunian lads would provide all the sustenance they needed, because several of them passed out and had to be carried out of the crowd before the show even started. Ushers and security personnel handed out water, while all the fans toward the front shot dagger looks and snide mean-girl remarks at anyone with the temerity to get in their way (mostly photographers). The crowd at GWAR was slightly less aggressive. All in all, a fairly crazy happening.

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