Unlikely Friends (members of BOAT/Math & Physics Club) Releasing Debut Record

UF web friendly cover

Unlikely Friends, a new collaboration between Seattle-ites D. Crane of BOAT and Charles Bert from Math & Physics Club, release their debut record, Solid Gold Cowboys, on January 27. BOAT have long been a favorite here at Three Match Breeze, and if the first single, “Soft Reputation” (listen below) is any indication, Unlikely Friends don’t veer too far from that sloppy pop course. Which is a good thing. The album is a true collaboration, in an Outkast kind of way: D. Crane tells Brooklyn Vegan that he and Bert each wrote 6.5 of the 13 songs on the track, so they each get half the album. The demos I heard last year were pretty catchy even in their raw form, and the finished products sound superb.
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Three Match Breeze 2014 Roundup


posted by: Greg Chow

Saw a lot of music this year. While it was a less exciting year, personally, than 2013, I saw a lot more music than ever before. Here are some thoughts on the music I saw and heard in 2014.
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